Major Equipments In Lab: CNC Lathe Trainer, CNC Milling Trainer,Lathe Machine, Universal Milling Machine, Drill Machine, Shearing machine, Welding Machine, Power Hacksaw Machine & wood turning Lathe

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 21,69,242 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof. Bhiste R. T.

Theory Of Machines Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Centrifugal governor, Different Models,Model of multi-plate clutch,Different types of mechanism.

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 52,690 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof. Samleti V. M.

Strength Of Materials Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Rockwell Cam Brinell Hardness Tester, Electronic Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine For Charpy & Izod Test

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 3,30,000/-

Lab In-charge:Prof. Avadut A. M.

Metrology & Quality Control Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Floating Carriage Micrometer, Slip Gauge Box,Screw Thred Micrometer, Pneumatic Comparator,Auto Collimeter, Optical Profile Projector,Surface Roughness Tester & Monocromatic Light Source With Optical Flat

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 8,01,288/-

Lab In-charge:Prof. Huskamuri B.C.

Fluid Mechanics & Machinery/Hydraulics Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Dead weight type pressure gauge tester,Bernoulli's apparatus, Orifice plate test rig, Venturimeter test rig, Centrifugal pump test rig, Major and minor losses test rig

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 1,44,695/-

Lab In-charge:Prof. Muttagi V. R.

Power Engg. Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Petrol Engine Test Rig, Air Compressor Test Rig,Refrigeration Cycle Test Rig, Exhaust Gas Analyzer, Model Of 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Demonstration Model Of M.P.F.I. & Demonstration Model Of C.R.D.I.

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 6,86,299 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof.Gaikwad A. N.

Thermal Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Stefan-Boltzman Apparatus, Model of Velox boiler, Model of Cochran boiler, Model of Babcock Wilcox boiler, Thermal Conductivity of metal rod apparatus, Soalr Water Heater & Radiator Test Rig

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 1,51,949 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof.Gade R. P.

Measurement & Control Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Stroboscope,Thermocouple Calibration units, rotometer, Strain measuement unit with weights, Load cell, LVDT, Liquid level measurment, McLeod Gauge & Speed measurment by phtoelectric & Magnetic pickup

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 2,02,384 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof.Gade R. P.