Library is the “Temple of Knowledge”. It plays vital role not only in technical knowledge development but also satisfies the reader’s thirst related to life skill enhancement.

Our library is advanced by library automation software named “e-Granthalya”.Which helps our Students & Staff members to search any type of library materials within fraction of second. All reading digests are bar-coding. Books are classified on Dewey decimal classification [DDC] techniques. We provide digital library facility. Which includes 08 computers connected with high speed Internet.

Our library has subscription for Developing Library Network [NDL], JEET & availability Of NPTEL Videos . Which give access for union catalogue of books, periodicals, e books & journals, CD Rom, database, Multimedia etc.

Details of Department wise report for Titles & Volumes:



Name Of Branch Title As Per AICTE Norms Vol. As Per AICTE Norms 2020-21 Titles 2020-21   Vol. National Journals
1 Civil Engg.(CE) 275 1375 292 2602 3
2 Computer Engg. (CO) 350 3500 364 3643 6
3 ENTC Engg.

(EJ )

350 1750 364 2419 3
4 Electrical Engg. (EE) 300 1500 310 2383 3
5 Mechanical Engg. (ME) 350 3500 382 5452 6
7 Science & Humanity, General Books 0 0 84 2450 1
Total 1625 11625 1839 21080 26


Circulation Section Various Sections in Library

  • Journals & Periodical Section
  • Stack Section
  • Reference Section
  • Digital Library Section
  • News Paper Reading Section
  • Reading Room Section
  • Bound Volumes Section

 Library Facilities – 

  • Barcode Based Home issues
  • Reading Room facilities
  • Open access library
  • Digital Library with JEET, NDL , NPTEL
  • National & International Journals & Periodicals
  • Book Bank facilities [ Topper students, , All first year&Regular]
  • Current Awareness Services
  • Institute Repository
  • Internet & Multimedia facility
  • MSBTE Curriculum & Question Papers Xerox facility
  • Separated Collection of CDs/ DVDs
  • Printing, Scanning & Xeroxing Facility
  • Reference Service
  • OPAC System [ Online Public Access Cataloguing]

  Library Service:-

  1. Circulation:-

The Library has collection of 16627 books. Each student can issue two books per week. Apart from the text books there is a very good collection of Marathi & English literature books. These books can be borrowed on the borrower card for the period of 07 days.

 2. Reading Section:-

There is big and spacious area for all the students & Staff members. All over seating capacity is 180 for the students & Staff.

 3. E- Library [Digital Library]:-

The institute has updated modern e- library facility equipped with 08 PCs having LAN & high speed internet connection where e-resources & e-documents can be searched within a short span of time. With the help of e-library students can easily obtain information about their courses & projects to enhance their hydra knowledge. 08 students can surf easily, e-books, e-journals &CD/ DVD etc. Institute has membership of JEET& National Digital Library [NDL] for ease of using e-books e-journals & NPTEL video lectures are also available.

4.  Current Journals & Bound Volumes Journals:-

The library has subscription of 26 Journals in prints. The library holds Bound volumes till date.

 5. Book Bank:-

The book bank facility is available for all regular students. Under this scheme a set of books is issued to the students for a whole semester. At the end of the semester the students has to return all the books. The similar facility is also available for Topper Students, All First year Students

6. Special collection for SC Students [SC Book Bank]

The library receives grants from the Social Welfare Department of Govt. of Maharashtra for SC Students book bank scheme. Semester wise, eligible students can apply for books under this scheme. As per students demand we can also provide two extra reference books.

 7. Reference Service:-

The reference sources provide current information on a wide range of subjects. The library maintains a separate collection of reference books [Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, and Handbook CD ROMs & Audio Video materials etc.]

 8. Reprography Service:-

The library offers Printing, Scanning & Xerox Facility to all Students & Staff members.

 9. OPAC System [Online Public Access Catalogue]:-

Our library is computerized. Whenever students want any book they can

Easily search in OPAC system.