Communication Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: CRO, Power Supply, AM, FM, AMP DEMOD,PWM,PPM,ADM,DM,QPSK,PAM,FSK,ASK,PSK,DM, CDMA FHSS & function generators.

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 3,08,170 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof. Wagh K. H.

Advanced Communication Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Microwave test bench, mobile trainer kit ,fiber optics trainer kit, ,tv trainer kit,vcd player trainer kit ,super heterodyne radio receiver, led & photo diode characteristics- ,CRO ,function generators.

Total Lab Investment: Rs.3,23,875 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof.

Analog Electronics Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: CRO, Function Generator, DC regulated power supply, study of CB,CE,CC Amplifier, Digital multimeter, Char of UJT, Char.of FET, H/W,F/W Rectifier,Oscillator

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 2,73,341 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof.

Digital Techniques & Microcontroller Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: 8085,8051,8086 kits ,Digital trainer kit ,LED,LCD interface ,stepper motor interface,ADC & DAC interface,8255 interface

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 2,52,643 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof. Bhagare.*

Measurement & Control Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: CRO, DC power supply, function enerator,DSO, LCR meter, strain guage, Rotameter,LVDT, PLC,Tachometer, temp. measurement, Dc position, PI & PID Controller

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 6,63,672 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof. Joshi A. A.*

Electronics Workshop

Major Equipments In Lab: CRO,DC power supply, multimeter, function generator, FWR by SCR, DC supply demonstrator, IC tester, TRIAC, SCR,IGBT,UJT,DIAC, power transistor,SCR gate triggering, 3 phase rectifier, SCR FW half controlled rectifier, Adder and substrator, inverting and non inverting amplifier,astable and bistable multivibrator, diode characteristics,log & antilog amplifier, peak detector

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 3,08,404 /-

Lab In-charge:Prof. Gadgoli A. K.*