Vision & Mission

Vision of Department

To create the electrical technicians with basic and applied engineering knowledge in electrical to take up the responsibility towards fulfilling socio-industrial needs.

Mission of Department

Mission 1: To develop the learning environment as, the students can absorb the fundamental and specific knowledge of science and applied engineering.

Mission 2: To organize the technical events for the development of presentation, communication skills, ethics and team work and also to motivate the students to participate.

Mission 3: To cultivate the students to be capable of adapting new technology through industry interaction to understand the responsibilities of engineers towards the society, environment and work culture in the industry.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of Department

The students of Electrical department are able to,

PEO 1: Apply the basic science and discipline knowledge to use engineering tool and solve the problems.

PEO 2: Understand, as an engineer, the needs of the society related to development in cultural, health, safety and impact of solutions on the environment.

PEO 3: Communicate effectively and apply ethical principle to achieving a goal of team.

PEO 4: Adopt the new technological change in the working fields of engineering.