Concrete Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Electric Oven, Compression Testing Machine , Hand Operated Sive Shaker, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Aggregate Impact Tester, Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus, Vicat’s Apparatus,

Total Lab Investment: Rs.4,63,510/-

Lab In-charge: Prof. Pawar N. S.*

Surveying Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Vernier Transit Theodolite with Stand, Auto Level with Stand ,Auto Level with Stand, Vernier Transit Theodolite with Stand, Aggregate Impact Tester & Dumpy level Quick Setting 300mm Internal Focusing& Total station(Donated By- Solapur Construction & Fabrication, Solapur)

Total Lab Investment: Rs.7,13,410/-

Lab In-charge: Prof. Kumbhar R. M.

Highway Engg. Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: AMIL Flash Point (Open) & Fire Point Cleveland, Electrically heated, IS:1448, IP:36, with energy regulator, AIM:505., AMIL Flash Pont (Closed) Pensky – Marten apparatus, IS:1209. IS 1448 with energy regulator, AIM: 509, AMIL Universal Penetrometer with in – built digital timer, AMIL Ring & Ball apparatus & Tempo,Water Bath

Total Lab Investment: Rs.1,38,375/-

Lab In-charge: Prof. Umadi S. R.*

Geotechnical Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: Electric Oven, Sand Pouring Cylinder, Proctors Mould, Shrinkage Limit Apparatus with Mercury, Liquid Limit Apparatus & Sand Replacement Apparatus.

Total Lab Investment: Rs.1, 18 ,251/-

Lab In-charge: Prof. Tatikonda G. S.

Public Heath Engg. Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: BOD Incubator

Total Lab Investment: Rs. 3,26,756/-

Lab In-charge: Prof. Jadhav A. R.*

AutoCad Lab

Major Equipments In Lab: DellOptilex- 360 Model CPU ,Mointor18.5” LED, Canon LBP 2900 Printer, Hitachi LCD Projector

Total Lab Investment: Rs.6,71,600/-

Lab In-charge: Prof. Kamble N. S.*

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