Chairman Desk

From Chairman's Desk

Education is not the filling of a vessel but the kindling of a flame” a quote from a great Philosopher Socrates. The sole purpose of the education is to detect talent proactively.For this, it is essential that education has to be based on application and the intelligence. Engineering education is one of the key elements for transforming India to a global knowledge leader in the world. In view of this, we have founded this institute to promote and improve engineering technology education in our country. We have set for ourselves ambitious goals of transforming this institute to a world class center of educational excellence.

The quality of teaching and research plays a significant role in shaping up a student. We have recruited well qualified faculty staff having Doctorate or Master’s qualification in their respective discipline and have through understanding of students needs and use innovative techniques in teaching basic concepts in Engineering. We have also created adjunct positions in our institute and invite professionals from industry and research institutions to participate in the teaching process. We organize training and professional development of our faculties.

We have convinced that engineers needs to have ethical values in their lives. They need training that can help them in achieving ethical awareness to think about the society rather than the individualistic approach. We ensure that the student gets the environment where his complete personality development takes place and he is made capable of handling the challenges of the 21st century.

In order to attain greater alignment of engineering education with employment opportunities, we make frequent dialogues with industry to understand the present needs and accordingly organize workshops and seminars so that our students remains updated with current technology. We wish to have students who will help us in achieving our goals and contribute significantly in the future of our country.

Dr. G. K. Deshmukh

Hon. Chairman